The Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

If you're wondering if Direct Mail is still effective, this should put your mind at ease. Direct Mail is a proven, effective way to advertise and there are many reasons why.

Let's begin with some general statistics:

  • 59% of US respondents to Direct Mail "enjoy" receiving mail about new products*
  • 56% find Direct Mail Marketing to be most "trustworthy"*
  • 70% feel Direct Mail is "more personal" than the internet*

Read more statistics around Direct Mail Marketing from Small Business Trends here.

*As published by Small Business Trends from a 2015 survey

Promotion Postcard

Benefits of Using Direct Mail

  • Can be personalized. Who doesn't like to feel important?
  • A more targeted approach than other forms of advertisement
  • A classic and PROVEN form of marketing
  • Cost effective
  • Measureable. Use a coupon code and you can track responses easily.
  • Can be even more effective when used with other forms of advertisement

Postcard Ideas



Promotion Postcard

Comp Cards

Comp Cards





Our Postcard Services

Allow us to help you start your next Direct Mail campaign. We do all of the work. All we need is your input and approval throughout the process.

  • We will design your postcards
  • We will help you find your target market
  • We will mail out your postcards

You can request a mailing list for specific zip codes to target your market. Contact us for pricing.

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