Ever wonder why no one, or hardly anyone, makes purchases through your website? You just need to take a few extra steps to keep your website ready for shoppers. Sure, it will take some consistency but it’s well-worth the extra effort.

The Hard but Simple Truth

1) Your website is slow

It’s all about convenience and speed, my friend. Patience to allow a website to load is very rare. Keep your website running efficiently. It can be a time-consuming effort but it’s well worth it.

2) It’s not quite user-friendly

If your customers have to search all over your website to find what they need or if it’s not quite clear how to maneuver through your website, then they may not be customers for long. Your website should be precise and straight-forward. Customers want a simple and friendly experience when they visit.

3) Not secure

Have you ever visited a website, decided to purchase something, then noticed the big words “Not Secure” in the browser? Your site should be secured so that shoppers feel comfortable entering their payment information. Security isn’t an option. If your site isn’t secure, not one will want to make any purchases.

4) It’s under attack!

It happens to the best of us. Malware redirects your webpages to malicious sites or a hacker enters your website from some unknown “hole”. If you’re not familiar with security, hire professionals like us that can help reduce the likelihood of attacks on your website. There’s no better feeling than to sleep at night knowing your website is secure 24/7.

5) You simply didn’t test it

We often skip this step because it doesn’t seem all that important. However, it is extremely important because without testing, you don’t really know what attracts your customers. A/B Testing, heatmap analyzation, session recording and monitoring are methods that can help you give your customers exactly what they need. 

Our team here at SuccessFULL Solutions monitor our clients’ websites to ensure the best customer experience. We use several tools to analyze and make changes to your website for you so that you can spend time on running your business, not your website. Learn more about our Website Maintenance Packages here.

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