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RING RING RING! You wake up with a sudden jolt and slam your hand on your alarm clock to get it to STOP! You let out a sigh as you think about how you wish you could stay at home and run your own virtual business. But right now you have to hurry up get ready, rush through your daily commute to your cage you call a cubicle and help someone else with their business development. So you get to it, you drag yourself out of bed and into the bathroom to get ready all the while still dreaming about your virtual business.

You finally managed to get ready and are in your car heading to work listening to your favorite podcast about business development but the whole idea of doing it by your self is daunting. How do these entrepreneurs begin their startups? How do they manage a database? You’re no database administrator, you can’t do that, or can you? Well not with that attitude you can’t. That is what your Dad used to say to you and it would anger you so much. But guess what? He was right all along. You can do anything with a little faith and can-do attitude! Well those two things and with a little help from Zoho.  You don’t know what Zoho is? Well, then I guess it is time to take a look at Zoho and how using Zoho can help you build that virtual business you have been dreaming off. You can even start a new Zoho account for free and enjoy it for 30 days at no cost!


Organizing your Database and Being Your Own Database Administrator

Organizing your Database and Being Your Own Database Administrator

In the information age, intel is power. We see it on a daily basis and more and more companies are hiring private intel companies to gather and analyze this information.

All this intel needs to be stored somewhere, and for you that somewhere should be Zoho. The CRM app in Zoho will simplify the task of database administrator for you and help you organize and manage your own database. Imagine that! You, in charge of your own information. You, in control of your own business development. I know, I know it seems unthinkable. It’s something a lot of people don’t want you to know you can do yourself. Don’t listen to them, remember, faith, and a little help from Zoho.

Once you make the choice to get started with your virtual business and decide to take control of your own information, the next step will be customizing Zoho to fit your needs. Don’t worry, that is what we are here to help you do. Once Zoho is custom tailored to fit the needs of your virtual business and it’s business development. You will be well on your way of taking on the daunting task of being your own database administrator and running your very own database – all on your own.


Conquering The World with Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Mail

So I see you finally made it to work, or as you call it, your cage. You’re sitting there at your cubicle still daydreaming about your virtual business and pondering the thought of using Zoho as a business development tool. The thought of running your own database and being your own database administrator seems a little less overwhelming now. What was that? Oh, you’re thanking me. Don’t worry about it my friend, I ‘m here to help. You’re the real hero of this story. You’re the one who is going to conquer the world!

You have successfully managed to do the legwork and gather all that intel to build a rather large Zoho CRM database. Good job! You deserve a pat on the back. You have already managed to do more than most people will EVER do. Most people don’t even get past the “staring at the computer while daydreaming” stage. Okay sorry, that was a low blow. Lets not call this daydreaming anymore and call it planning your future and legacy. Sounds good? Okay great! Where was I? Oh yea, you have successfully built a rather large Zoho CRM database and now you need to use it to it’s maximum capacity. That is where using Zoho Campaigns to run successful email campaigns comes in.

Imagine the intel you gathered as your arsenal, well the emails are the missile and the people they reach are the target. Yes, I know it seems like another overwhelming task but it’s really not. Once we have helped you customize your Zoho system, running a successful email campaign is easy peasy. It can even be set up to be automated so that you don’t even have to worry about it and can move on to the other tasks at hand.


Zoho CRM Database is Armed and Ready to Fire Captain

Did you hear that captain? Or should I say database administrator? What’s that? You like captain? Well whatever floats your boat (pun intended), but let’s keep this dream focused, lets keep this ship on course. Yea, you’re right I’ll stop with the bad puns. Back to Zoho customization and running your successful email campaign for your new-found virtual business. There are so many possible ways to run an email campaign and it can be pretty time consuming, but with Zoho, it can free up a lot of your valuable time. Especially when Zoho has been crafted to fit your virtual business needs.

Targets have been selected and are in sight. Emails have been crafted and ready to fire. Now it is time for you to let Zoho shine and show you what it can do for YOU. You’ve spent time and effort building your database and building up your confidence to become your very own database administrator. Now let’s see what you can do as a marketer. With Zoho, you can set it up to send emails out to whomever you have intel for. Your Zoho email campaigns can be staggered at intervals and Zoho can even send emails to the same leads or clients on a timed schedule. That is right, that is how effective Zoho can be for your sales cycle. Imagine all the free time Zoho will help you gain without sacrificing the business development of your new-found virtual business that you are SO incredibly proud of.


Relax and Let Zoho Take Control of Your Virtual Business

Relax and Let Zoho Take Control of Your Virtual Business

The emails you crafted are being sent out by your perfected Zoho email campaign. Your database is well maintained by one of the best database administrators I’ve have ever met. Oh your welcome! You just needed a little push in the right direction. A push towards a customized Zoho system. Glad you listened and got your virtual business off the ground after all these years. Running a startup can be a pretty intimidating accomplishment, but it really doesn’t have to be. Much like any other job at hand it is a lot simpler with the right tools and resources. Think of Zoho not just as a tool, but as an entire tool shed, with every single tool available to you to get your virtual business off the ground and thriving.

Well there it is, you are rich beyond your wildest dreams, you set up your virtual business and let Zoho take control of your email campaigns and database. Now you just have to sit back and watch the money come in. No, I’m kidding, I’m not going to lie and tell you that everything will be easy and you will get rich quick overnight. No such thing. See, the truth is, you CAN become financially free. You can eventually enjoy time-freedom, but you will have to put in the work. With the right tools, Zoho, a little help from us, and some self-confidence, you can make your dream of running a virtual business a reality. You can take off the shackles that your corporate job has around your ankles, get that startup running and conqueror the world. Time to set your “pre-tirement” date and work towards it!

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