Your Very Own Dedicated Virtual Assistant

Do you need a Virtual Assistant but don't want the cost of hiring a full-time employee? Maybe you've thought about hiring a freelancer but don't have the time to search through a third-party freelancer website to find the right person?

Hiring quality help can be trial and error, not to mention, costly. At SuccessFULL Solutions, we have the best contractors who are fully trained on Zoho's products so that you don't have to waste time training. In fact, we will even train our contractors on your business process at no additional cost to you. How's that for a quick and easy hiring experience?

Our Virtual Assistants know Zoho and they know how to assist with all of your administrative needs. From managing your emails to handling personal matters - our specialists will get it done.

Dedicated Virtual Assistant

What do you need your dedicated Virtual Assistant to do for you?*

  • Outbound phone calls (when necessary)
  • Book travel
  • Order business supplies
  • Email management
  • Data entry
  • Basic CRM maintenance
  • Online research
  • Record meeting minutes
  • Setup/Manage webinars, meetings, or podcasts
  • Create email templates
  • Coordinate events
  • Follow up on overdue invoices
  • Create presentations
  • Manage calendar
  • Personal duties and lifestyle management
  • Manage newsletters
Available Plans:
  • 12 hrs per month
  • 24 hrs per month
  • 36 hrs per month
  • 48 hrs per month

The Zoho user license for your dedicated VA will be covered by SuccessFULL Solutions. Your Virtual Assistant will be limited to the Zoho products included in your Zoho subscription.

*Virtual Assistant services do not include: inbound or outbound phone calls, detailed CRM management, CRM customization, graphic design, sales, marketing, customer service, human resources, project management, bookkeeping, or business technology. Please see other dedicated contractor plans for such services.

Virtual Assistant Plans and Pricing

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