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Automation Services

Done-with-You  |  Every business is unique, therefore every system should be unique...and streamlined

At SuccessFULL Solutions, we create customized systems using strategy, integrations and custom code specifically for each business. We automate business processes such as Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations and Customer Retention for small businesses. Whether you only need one process automated, or all, we can help remove mundane tasks and gaps within your process.

General Zoho Assistance

The General Assistance plan is for organizations that need ongoing Zoho assistance for minor tasks. This plan doesn't include customization or development however, it includes updates, support and guidance for Zoho apps. Zoho Assistance is provided for the entire organization (up to 25 users).
  • Assistance with Zoho tasks
  • Customer Service for Zoho applications
  • Minor Zoho updates
  • Assistance with Users and Permissions
  • Does not include customization
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    System Administration

    We become the System Administrator for your entire team/organization and customize your processes. Service can be cancelled anytime after the first 3 months. Service can be downgraded to 'General Zoho Assistance' at ANY time.

    • Zoho Customization for any Zoho application(s)
    • Data migration
    • Process Automation
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    SuccessFULL Community

    Do-it-Yourself  | Connect with us in the SuccessFULL Community  |  Free Membership 

    Let's connect. Start by joining our free community! In the SuccessFULL Community, you can ask questions, collaborate with other members and gain fresh ideas to market, streamline and create multiple income streams within your business.

    • Monthly LIVE Demos with Q&A
    • Zoho App highlights
    • Occasional "Ask me anything" LIVE sessions with Zoho Partner
    • Post questions anytime and learn from other Zoho users
    • Access to resources that will help you build and grow your business
    • Access to a network of other businesses who provide services to one another
    • Create a personal profile

    • We have groups available within the community:

      Words of Wisdom - open to all community members
      Faith-based words of wisdom for those who would like to stay focused and motivated through the word of God, inspirational words/quotes and prayer.

      Streampath Members - for those with Streampath Membership or Streampath Mentorship
      Guidance for those who would like to establish and execute a personalized blueprint for their business with support from our team. Achieve your maximum results with this membership.

      Entrepreneur Circle
      - for those with Streampath Mentorship level
      Entrepreneurs who are eager to learn more about ways to create passive income streams, use each dollar TWICE, and share wealth-building tips and strategies with one another.
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    Streampath Membership

    Do-it-Yourself  |  Learn how to automate and customize  |  $97/mo for individuals or $297/mo for teams

    If you prefer to automate your own processes and customize your own Zoho system, this option is perfect for you! With our trainings, you can customize your own system at a fraction of the cost and gain additonal skills. Receive guidance instead of having to piece together information from several resources in order to establish, automate and grow your business. We will create a customized Streampath for you and guide you along the way, giving you and/or your team the hands-on support you need.

    • Access to ALL SFS Learning courses
    • Online Assistance/Guidance for Zoho system
    • Private, detailed Streampath Board that includes guidance interaction with our team
    • Access to the Streampath Members group in SuccessFULL Community with challenges, demos, events, group calls
    • Monthly Group "Solutions Call"
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    Streampath Mentorship

    Do-it-Yourself  |  Learn how to automate and customize  |  $297/mo for individuals

    Streampath Mentorship is a Do-it-Yourself Mentorship program that includes a customized Streampath and Zoho assistance for customization but also more in-depth accountability and interactions with the SuccessFULL Team.

    • All features from the Streampath Membership program, plus...
    • Weekly Mentorship Group Calls
    • Monthly Check-ins
    • Million Dollar Business Plan & Guidance
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