General Zoho Assistance

  • Do you only need Zoho customer service and assistance for your team, but not necessarily customization?
  • Would you like assistance with minor Zoho updates and changes for your entire team?
  • Do you need assistance with Zoho tasks, setting up permissions, etc.?
The General Assistance plan is for organizations that need ongoing Zoho assistance for minor tasks. This plan doesn't include customization or development however, it includes updates, support and guidance. Assistance is provided for the entire organization (up to 25 users). Must be associated with SuccessFULL Solutions as your Zoho Partner (Tag: SUCCESSFULL)
  • Assistance with Zoho tasks
  • Customer Service for Zoho applications
  • Minor Zoho updates & changes
  • Assistance with Users & Permissions
  • This plan does NOT include Zoho customization or automation performed by our team